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Aug 9, 2015

I just read a piece by John D. Sutter on CNN’s website titled, “Woodward County, Oklahoma: Why do so many here doubt climate change?” This county has among the highest rates of those who do not accept climate change as real.

From his conversations in Woodward County Mr. Sutter assumed that between 70-90% of residents believed climate change is a myth. Most of the residents of the county believed that number, too...that the great majority of their neighbors just don’t buy into the idea that climate change is happening.

The reality on the ground is that according to Yale research only 30% of people there think climate change is bogus. But because the anti-science voices tend to be the loudest, the average person, the majority, stay silent. When you remain silent you give the impression of agreement, of complicity. And nationally, only 18% of people refuse to accept the scientific consensus on climate change.

What we have here is a tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy-believing minority...a small minority. A radical fringe. Like anti-vaxxers.

You are the majority. You understand how science works and you understand the consequences of doing nothing.

So it’s time to talk about climate change around the dinner table. Take the initiative. You are surrounded by others who will be inspired by your courage to take on the tin foil hat brigade. You can raise your voice. You can shout down that crazy uncle of yours. Silence is no longer an option. You have science.

Now go out there, tiger and go get ‘em!

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