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Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of science... the thrill of discovery... and the agony of failed experiments... the human drama of scientific advancement... This is the Blue Streak Science Podcast!

Mar 16, 2017

We somehow survived the time change in North America. Seriously, why won't everybody just get on the same page and change time in every country at the same time. Or, perhaps everybody not change the time at all. Either way, in the spirit of international cooperation I propose that we all do it at the same time. Okay? Okay!

Science News Roundup with Nevena Hristozova and Ivy Shih

These are summaries of our discussions on the podcast. For the full conversation please listen to this episode of the Blue Streak Science Podcast

"Jumping genes" may set the stage for brain cell death in Alzheimer's, other diseases
Recent findings by scientists at Duke University have revealed that "jumping genes" may be responsible for the molecular mechanism that causes Alzheimer's Disease.

Quantum microscope offers MRI for molecules
Diamond-based imaging system uses magnetic resonance of electrons to detect charged atoms and peer at chemical reactions in real time.

The Climate Lounge with Tom Di Liberto

On climate change, Scott Pruitt causes an uproar — and contradicts the EPA’s own website.

Scott Pruitt, in his responses to questions in an interview with the CNBC television network, once again demonstrated that he is unqualified to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

University of Cambridge Science Festival

Next week JD will be recording the podcast from lovely Cambridge, England!

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