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Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of science... the thrill of discovery... and the agony of failed experiments... the human drama of scientific advancement... This is the Blue Streak Science Podcast!

May 26, 2016

What The Hell Was That?

Today’s mystery sound, or rather, a “WHO the Hell Was That?” stumped the panel and the audience! However, word has it that Sophie knew it all along. What? You know who it is? Then you should have emailed us with your answer to have your name and website announced on the podcast.

Not to worry, you can try again with this week’s mystery sound. And if you have any idea what the answer is, or even if you don’t, email your answer/guess. Who knows…maybe you’ll get it right! Oh, and it’s not a cephalopod.

Cartoon of an octopus with Elvis hair, playing electric guitar, drumming and drinking a beer

Cephalopods misbehaving

Blue Streak Science News

False Positive, the science game with the scary name!

This weeks winner is Ivy. Does she know her cephalopods or what?!

This episode of Blue Streak Science Podcast comes to you from Atlanta, Georgia; Santa Rosa, California; and Sydney, Australia.