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Nov 5, 2015

Blue Streak Science News

  • Electronic skin feels the heat, hears the sound. Yay!
  • Dinosaurs used nasal passages to keep brains cool
  • Cancer cells use secret tunnels to communicate, smuggle cancer signals their neighbors
  • Jellyfish suck!
  • New class of DNA repair enzyme discovered
  • Molten metal storms rage on orphan planet that lost its star
  • Tuberculosis now rivals AIDS as leading cause of death, says WHO
  • Ireland to legalise supervised heroin injection.
Picture of Pam Bondi, the Attorney General for the State of Florida and the Blue Streak Science Asshole of the Week
Pam Bondi, A$$#*(! of the Week

A$$#*(! of the Week

This week’s Blue Streak Science A$$#*(! of the Week is Pam Bondi, the Attorney General for the state of Florida.

Who is Pam Bondi?

Pam Bondi was appointed to her office by Governor Rick Scott, who is infamous for when he said "I'm not a scientist" in response to questions about climate change prior to his re-election. In the bizarro world of Governor Rick Scott no state employee is permitted to address or say things like “climate change” or “global warming”. Pam Bondi, being the loyal foot soldier in the Rick Scott administration, is doing her part in their war against science and the environment.

In 2014 she legally challenged a Chesapeake Bay water cleanup plan that most of the states around the bay had agreed to but industry and agriculture groups opposed. She also is challenging federal wetlands rules that agricultural groups and stormwater utilities are opposing.

Incidentally, she was the lead state attorney general among 26 in an unsuccessful lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act. She has also fought tooth-and-nail against equal marriage.

What has Pam Bondi done this time?

She's now joined a challenge to President Obama's Clean Power Plan

What’s the Clean Power Plan?

It’s a set of rules implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency that will reduce carbon emissions from power plants for the first time. Previously, power plants were allowed to dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the atmosphere. These regulations have been developed under the Clean Air Act, an act of Congress that requires the EPA to take steps to reduce air pollution.

But Pam Bondi is fighting it!

Bondi told reporters,

Let me tell you who we are looking out for: We are looking out for consumers. And we will continue to look out for our consumers and our businesses, especially when this affects their finances. That's what this is about.

Make no mistake about this. She has no interest in protecting consumers. It’s the power companies that matter.

On Tuesday a reporter asked if she believes climate change is man-made, and she replied,

I'm not going to get into a philosophical discussion with you about climate change.

That was a  slight breach of etiquette when she actually used the term “climate change”

Not to worry!

Climate scientists have offered to talk with her about climate change and the damage that could be done if the Clean Power Act were blocked.

Her response was no response. 

Pam Bondi, for fighting against the Clean Power Plan, and for fighting it from a state that will be the first and worst to suffer from climate change...

You are the Blue Streak Science A$$#*(! of the Week!